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Somebody up there hates me!

So last week I felt fully recovered frm my ongoing groin injury, got back to running again, and managed 3 miles in 30 minutes. Lovely !

Got all excited when I saw the new doloads, and got them fully loaded on to my little pink i pod shuffle. Lovely !

Needed some shopping yesterday, so off I go in my leg conditioning FitFlops.

FitFlops versus shopping trolley? Shopping trolley was the winner.

The loser ? My little toe. Broken! Navy blue and very painful. 6 weeks to heal, by all accounts.

Seeing trainer at gym this afternoon to work out how to mainyain fitness while hobbling about on one good foot and one heel !

Somebody up there definitelt hates me............. :(

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ouch!!!!!!! what are you like Gypsy???? I have only just started getting bk into running this week , started on a week 6 run 2 , then i saw the new pods and had to give it a go lol. well i cant of lost too much fitness as i managed the stepping stones one , cant say i found it easy so a few more times to get my time up, but am so glad to be back running. Sorry your out of action again , maybe take some shoes t the supermarket next time. I live in flip flops all summer but i have some plymsols in the car for shopping trips as i hate them shopping trolleys. Hope your not out of action for too long xxxx


Thanks maddy ! Actually toe not too bad, hopefully only bruised not broken,

Instructor at gym given me loads to do to keep fitness up, so should be ok when start back.

Think will need to go to week 6 or 7 and see how i go and then on to stepping stones. Enjoy the weather down there in beautiful Devon.

Have put an old pair of pumps in the car. Good advice !

Take care and keep in touch xx :)


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