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Knee update

I've just had a tear in my eye watching Bridget Foster-Hylton crash to the floor after losing the hurdles qualifier. :( She looked so devastated. While I'll never be in the Olympics, I'm fairly devastated myself. I've been told I'm not allowed to run, at least until my knee is better and it'll be a while before that happens. There's swelling and it's not going away easily, so I'm banned from running until the problem can be solved. I miss it so much, and it's sort of hard watching all these runners when I can't even go round the block like I used to.

I've started seeing an osteopath which hopefully will help me. I've been for one session already and apparently the muscles in my thighs are very tight and I've possibly got troubles with my feet too, which can contribute to injury. I had to stop running right before my graduation run so it feels so unfair! When I get back to it, I'll probably have to start off slow again so it'll be a while before I can complete the programme. I may also have to reduce the number of runs per week while my body gets used to it.

Thanks to everyone who has sent me comments on my previous blogs, it's nice to know I've not been forgotten :) I'll try and update with injury progress and whatever else I'm doing.

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It sounds as if seeing the osteopath is a very good course of action - looking for the cause of the problem and not just treating the symptoms. That should mean that once you've healed, you have a very good chance of avoiding it happening again. Good luck !


You're not forgotten ma'am.

You'll be back, get yourself sorted and join us all again - it ain't over just a set back. See you soon and take care.


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