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Ankle - some progress

Well just entering third week after breaking ankle arms and right leg gaining strength but left leg already losing muscle. I am now able to weight bear slightly but unable to use crutches am using a zimmer frame does nothing for my street cred but at least I can get out of the wheelchair. The foot swells about five minutes after getting up but one day at a time.

I am really sad I am not in position to start the new podcasts as they look amazing and just what I was hoping for to get me to at least 5k.

Enjoy and as always take ca

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That must be so frustrating. Will you be allowed to do something like Aquajog before you can start walking/running again ? It would help keep your muscles in shape. Or possibly some gentle stretches with a resistance band ?

I hope you heal quickly.


Looking into aqua jogging so this may be worth a try thanks for the info.


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