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Week 2, 2 nd run, mileage??

Hi guys. I wondered if I am doing this right? I originally started walking/ jogging about 4 weeks ago, I have a 2 mile route and a 3 mile route, my question is when I do the Programme I use the 2 mile route, but this programme is couch to 5 km, but I'm not running 5 at the mo, does this come with time?or do I look to do the 3 miler from now on and push more?

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You will need to wait until the later weeks to get anywhere near the 5k mark and the program is more about time than distance.

Don't worry about it just know, pace yourself to finish the time intervals and it is better to go a little slower and finish, than get disheartened, you can always speed up a little on the second or third run of each week, if you felt run one was too easy.

Good luck and enjoy :-)


how far you go will depend on how fast you walk and run. You should go at whatever speed is comfortable for you. During week 4 you will run for a total of 16 minutes each time and week 5 is much the same until the last run of the week which will be 20 minutes. If you want to do 5k in 30 minutes (most of us don't reach that speed!) you will have to run at 10kph and use your 3 mile route but if you are slower than that, then use the 2 mile one. The programme is designed to have you exercising vigorously for 30 minutes and it's unlikely that you will speed up through the nine weeks so go at a speed which is sustainable to you and if you've any energy left towards the end of each run, you can always speed up then :)


I didn't hit the 5K until W6 R3 when I managed to do a 5K in 29 mins.. but I've really enjoyed all the Runs from the very start....


You don't have to speed up at the end. It's up to you. On week 9 Laura tells you not to speed up as you have to conserve energy. It's about finishing without stopping. Trust in what Laura says and she'll get you round that course. Good luck with it


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