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WoW Shiny green badge next to my name.... so chuffed, new podcasts and just back from watching London Marathon can the day get any better :)

My graduation blog of last week went past in pretty much of a whirl but so chuffed to pop on line tonight to find my graduation badge, makes it much more real.

I have just downloaded the new podcasts and had a quick listen, made me laugh the pace seems so quick but can't wait to give it a go.

Just got back from the London Marathon, so pleased I was able to go and be part of the Olympics 2012 (as a spectator of course). It was fantastic, the support of the crowd was great and just to see all the runners taking part from all the other countries was so uplifting. Hoarse voice from shouting and cheering and sore hands for clapping but at least my legs ok, trainers will be on tomorrow..can't wait.

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