It's official- I'm a graduate! That was a horrible graduation run; far too hot and feeling a bit sick towards the middle, but a tiny walk and I was off again.

Can't believe I've actually finished it! I know everyone says it, but I never thought I could run like this... Ever. Its amazing! Laura has been a good friend, a slave driver, and a cruel mistress. But she (and you guys!) have started me on something amazing, and I can't wait to see where I go from here!

Couldn't have done it without you!

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  • Well done Beth. That is FABULOUS!! What are your future run plans? Are you going to repeat Week 9 for a couple of weeks, or go SOLO and just run 5K of your chosen route?

  • Congratulations Beth claim your graduation badge with pride. It feels amazing to get to the end of week 9 doesn't it?

    The journey begins now. Happy running.

  • Thanks lovelies! Just waiting on my graduate badge now! In terms of future plans, I have quite a few! Firstly, I'm going solo, but maybe a few more 30 minute runs, just until they get a bit easier and maybe faster. Then, I'm on just shy of 4k at the moment, and a bit of a slow coach, so I'm thinking of forgetting time limits, and just slowly upping my distance to 5k, then trying to get that within 30 mins.

    I reckon that, interspersed with a few hippy-dippy, music-free, garmin-free runs (good for the soul..) should keep me good for a while!

  • Well done Beth, that's fantastic! Enjoy your running x

  • Congrats BethRF!

  • Congratulations Beth! I bet you feel amazing! Enjoy your future plans.

  • Congratulations! It was hot and muggy today so well done for persevering, and enjoy your future runs!

  • Congratulations - enjoy the feeling!

  • Congratulations Beth job well done. Where next? Anywhere you fancy, the world is a big place, there are miles of pavements no matter where you live. Just enjoy the freedom of being able to run like so any of us. :)

  • Well done, I bet you are so pleased with yourself. You've put in the effort and now it's time to enjoy your success - it's well deserved. Good luck with your future running plans and my very best wishes to you.

  • Thank you so much everyone. You guys really are fantastic. Right now I'm celebrating with a Chinese and a couple of gins! Resting my achey legs haha.

  • Well done Beth, wear your shiny new badge with pride :-) x

  • Well done! Enjoy your success and welcome to the other side :)

  • Well done Beth, congratulations on your achievement; it must be a fantastic feeling to have graduated! :-)

  • Congratulations Beth! Your new badge looks fab!!!

  • Congratulations! its a great feeling to achieve your goal and try something new! :)

  • Sooo pleased or you Beth! It's great to see 'Graduate' by your name!

  • Really well done. A massive achievement. Enjoy the elation!

  • congratulations...I am just about to start wk9..welldone

  • Yippee!

  • Well done you. Enjoy your next phase.

  • Congratulations and very well done, you must be feeling so proud of yourself. Happy running in the future.

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