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C25k+ stepping stone - boy that was hard

Downloaded the new Podcasts last night and really keen to try them today.

Headed out listening to the first stepping stone one and realised that even my warm up walk needed to speed up. Decided to try to keep it simple so headed for the astroturf on the local school playing fields - it's flat, dry with a bit of give to run on. I was listening to Laura going 1,2,3,4 and trying to keep to the beat. However, as someone who failed the audition for the infants' percussion band I really was struggling trying to match my feet to the time. (Also couldn't make up my mind if I was counting the same foot hitting the ground or both.) Did the first 10 minutes then got bored so headed round the school for a bit then came back to criss cross the astroturf. The Endomondo track looks wierd.

I did manage to complete the session but I've no idea if I was keeping to pace. However, Endomondo had me on 6min/k and peaking at 4.53m/k. Overall I did 6.6k in 47 min including warming up and down.

Verdict - a bit more of a jump than I had expected but great to have a new challenge.

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Well done! Sounds difficult, if I was you I wouldn't be worrying about the speed / distance - getting through is an achievement.


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