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Over the last 5weeks I've eaten so many flies!

I've lost almost half a stone over the last 5 weeks but I'd have lost more if I hadn't eaten the wide variety of flying things I have while running. I try to breathe in through my nostrils and out through my mouth but I just can't get enough air! I seem to do better with all the stale carbon dioxide than lovely fresh oxygen. Think I might have to start wearing a mask!

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I was only thinking about this yesterday! I went for a bike ride and swallowed an insect that felt like it was the size of a small bird!

My only concern is, using C25K as a way to loose weight and get fitter, "how many calories are there in a large fly?!"


think most of the calories will be protein so it could be worse. I'm sure the fat flies won't be out early in the day!


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