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Did it!

Well that's me completed W9R3! I began C25K on 4/6/12 and completed it on 4/8/12. It hasn't been easy with Achilles tendinitis on my left and tendon problems on my right knee but was just sensible and carried on. Not bad considering this time last year had a cast on right leg due to breaking my ankle.....I am VERY accident prone!

The timing of the C25K+ podcasts could not have came at a better time. Looking forward to increasing my speed because I am rather slow, but to be honest I am delighted to be running every 2nd day for 30 minutes regardless of the speed.

Happy running everyone!

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congratulations! Finished mine yesterday and plan to celebrate all weekend! I've listened to the 5k+ podcasts but they seem to fast to me (I'm slow too!) so I think I'll repeat Laura, running at my slow speed during the walking parts and speeding up for the run parts. Maybe I'll be ready for 5k+ in another 9 weeks.

Don't forget to celebrate! :)


Well done. You and me hit the finishing line together. I started a bit earlier and have had a two week holiday in the middle. I am so glad I found c25k it gave me the motivation I was lacking


Thank you, yeah am off out later as my H2B is away out soon for his stag. I've not listened to the podcasts yet so may be continuing with Laura doing week 9 for a few weeks. Feel really good for doing this, my energy levels have soared so I really want to keep it up.


Congratulations on graduation!! :D Enjoy your moment and good luck with however you decide to carry on :D


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