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One run from graduating and .... disaster :(

I have been a bit quiet for the last week. I was due to graduate last weekend and on Friday got back from my run and I've hurt my back :( I've always had an achey lower back probably from my nursing days but never needed any treatment.

I felt absolutely fine running but I think I might just have overdone it - my last blog was a tad gloaty as in a week I had done 3 long runs [28/30 mins] and then a race for life which I managed to run. Have done my stretching and had my rest days but maybe its all been a bit of a shock for my poor, previously under-exercised body!

So I havent run since last Friday, Goodness have I been miserable as well, missed it loads. But I knew I had to rest and take some ibuprofen. Its now feeling much better so I think I might start again this weekend. Although I think I will go for a walk first and maybe add 5 mins running in just to see how I am and then build it up slowly. Do you think that would be ok? So desperate not to slip back to my old ways and lose my fitness. Would be grateful for any advice, thanks guys x

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if your stamina is up to doing long runs (very well done!) you should be able to run when you feel well enough but could you try running on soft ground or a treadmill? I'm 61 and rarely run outdoors nowadays because I prefer the treadmill to absorb the impact. My daughter has the same kind of back condition as you (she blames nursing, too) and she agrees that running on soft ground would be the best thing. She also does lots of ab exercises so that her stomach muscles are stong enough to help support her back. Try a slow, steady run and I hope all goes well for you :)


Thank you sooo much for your reply - You are right its just I just love being outdoors and running in the fresh air, but I do know that the treadmill would be lower impact and probably better for me. I've been doing some back exercises and also some to improve my core strength just like you said. Will see how I go. Funny that I've missed the running so much, never thought I'd say that!! x


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