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Amazing what a new pair of shoes can do!

I bought a new pair of running shoes on Tuesday. I spent about an hour with the guy in the store having my feet measured, checking my stance/walking/running etc. I finally decided on a pair of Brooks Pureflow. I finished week 7 yesterday. It was FAB!! Best run so far. It's amazing how much a pair of shoes can affect your running.

I started week 8 this morning and again it was a great run. I'll be having a rest tomorrow as I'm planning to do a few Ks on my bike.

I can't believe I've actually made it this far. To think I was terrified of attempting to run for 3mins! I really thought I'd never be able to make it, yet here I am running for 28.

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First of all a HUGE well done, isn't it an amazing feeling??

I've recently graduated and am desperate to get my hands on some proper running shoes now, especially after reading this! Were the shoes crazy expensive with the analysis as well? I really need to do my research now hehe.

Good luck on the last two weeks of your journey, you can do it!!

K x


Thank you :o)

I'm in NZ and went to a shop called The Athlete's Foot. They cost $250 which is about £125. Most I've ever spent, but definitely worth it.


Love my Brooks Ghosts, amazing the difference.


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