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W9R2 done - plan to graduate on holiday!

I did my W9R2 first thing this morning. I was very slow and didn't think I'd make it, I've found I don't run at my best first thing but it's usually the most convenient time for me. I didn't stop and I made it:-)

Anyway, one more run to go and I want to make it a good one but I have a decision to make. We'll be away on holiday and I'm going to pack my trainers. I can either do my graduation run on the treadmill in the hotel gym (I've so far done all my runs outside) OR I can do a completely different run outside along the coast. Maybe I'll even manage two runs while I'm away!

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Running along the coast sounds great! There'll prob be lots of ups and downs won't there? Whatever you do, good luck, can't wait till I get to wk9!


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