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Wk1 R2 - no ipod or Laura


ipod has taken offence at being bounced around - it just has ! mark - charging, but it hasn't charged having been plugged in all night- I'm not ipod savy - any advice. So I went alone and did the following:

5 min brisk walk,1 min jog with 2 min walks in between till I'd done 8 x 1 min jogs ending in a 5 min brisk walk. I did it in 30 min's. I've only heard it once from my 1st time the other day. Let me know if I'm off the mark. I hope the ipod comes back to life - I have a HRM watch so I could watch the minutes closely but it's naff looking at your watch all the time.

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I don't know what you do about your ipod. Is it new? If so you could take/send it back if it doesn't charge. If it's very old maybe the battery is dead and needs replacing? Are you charging it up through a usb link to the computer? If so, is the computer on all night or sleeping? Hope you find a solution. If all else fails I bought a cheap mp3 player off Amazon for about £7 which clips on your clothes and works a treat!


You could try resetting the iPod, you do this by:

- Putting hold on, then off (I do it a few times because I'm never sure it pays attention)

- Press and hold centre(select) button and menu (top of the circle) together until (hopefully) the apple logo appears.

Not sure if that's still valid for newer style iPods (mine is a classic, and that has been the same for all classics),

Here are the relevant links:

How to reset various iPods -

How to restore iPods (will wipe all musics - is a last resort, really) -


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