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Hi new 2 couch25k..does anyone know anything about inner Knee pain?

Hi, my sister and I are on week 3 of running and week 2 of following couch25k and funnily enough we've both been running tonight and have both got inner knee was ok with the warm up walk until we both started to run. We're both trying 2 b optimistic and hope its to do with muscle development! Lol! Any ideas? Thanks xx

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Hi - knee pain is very common, and the consensus seems to be that it is caused by problems with gait, for instance caused by having flat feet (or overpronation as it is called). This can cause problems with the tracking of the patella.

The important thing is to make sure that you listen to your knees, give them a rest if they are hurting, take an extra day of rest, it is not mandatory to do all the week's runs in the same week!

I suggest trying some of the knee strengthening exercises on this YouTube channel

which are very similar to the exercises that my physio gave me to do when I went to see him with my knee issues during week 4


gait analysis (where they put you on a treadmill & make you run for about 30 seconds, in a sports shop) may show that you have a problem with your foot/feet rolling inwards when you land (overpronation). I ran for a year on a treadmill problem free & when I moved outside got inner knee pain on one leg with slight front shin pain & new trainers solved this for me. perhaps new trainers is all you need.

I also found that the route I was running meant running on a grass verge which leant over to the left & changing my route so that I wasnt running with my feet leaning to one side helped. sometimes dropped curbs have the same effect on how your feet land :)

stretching after a run also helps but I didnt start doing this until I was doing longer runs.

as above, take an extra day of rest but please dont try running if your knee is still kniggly as this may cost you longer time off. a couple of extra days rest is better than a month off ~ this comes from someone who knows!!

good luck. shelley x


I had the same problem as both of you. I thought I had a really good pair of running trainers but they had lost their support as they had gone really hard. So I got my gait checked out at my local running shop, you run on their treadmill for a short while and they record how your feet hit the ground. I now have a pair of new trainers with more bounce, but I did have to take a couple of weeks off to let my knees recover. But I am now doing fine and have run 3 of week 6 tomorrow so don't let it put you off, just take your time.


Thanks guys..I think I'll take it easy over the rest of this week and miss my Thurs run but try on Sat if it's hurting less. Maybe it's also time to get a more suited pair of trainers and have my gait analysed! I've been doin stretches as part of my cool down as I also joined a running club a few weeks ago and this is what they recommend but I think I'll have a look at the you tube exercises. Really don't want to take a step back on this as I'm determined to get in shape! So strange that me and my sister started with it at exactly the same time! X


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