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Graduates - Keep running 30 mins or start increasing it?

Hello :)

I graduated not too long ago and since then I've been running 3x a week doing the 30 minutes. I'm more comfortable running for this length of time now (although those first 5-10 mins are still hard!) so didn't know whether to start increasing the time I run for or if I should be aiming to get my 5k within 30 minutes? Currently, my quickest is 33.4.....Any tips?

Also, when are these new podcasts out?

Thank you :)

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Once I graduated, I found that I started to get bored of the 5k route I was doing so started to push a little bit more, running 5.5k and then 6k. This tended to take me further out from my normal route and involved a few more hills.

The hills actually helped improve my strength and made me run faster overall and last week, I finally cracked that 5k in 30mins.

And as an obvious side effect, improving strength (and regulating pace) means you could run further too. I graduated 6 weeks ago and last weekend I pushed myself to 10k.


Well done on getting that 5k in 30 mins!! That's brilliant! :D

As you did, I'm starting to get bored of the same old routes and feel I need a challenge. Your plan of increasing it 0.5k sounds good to me and maybe I'll chuck a few hills in too to work the ole legs - I avoid them most of the time :)

I guess it's hard to know what to do now the podcasts are finished - they mapped it all out for you which is why I can't wait for the new ones :)

Well done on the 10k too - wow - that's my goal!

Keep it up!


If your goal is to get to 10k then an increase in time by 10% only on one run a week will get you there safely.


Hi. I've graduated last week and now made a playlist with some of my favourite music. It is 33 minutes long and I plan to add a song each week to increase my running time. I have various routes and just go a bit further each time. Such a pity the 5 - 10k podcasts aren't ready yet. :-( (As far as I know! )


Hi Elizadolots :)

Well done on graduating - woo!! :D

What a great idea with the music! I'm going to try that on my next run :)

& I know, I really can't wait to see what they have to offer - hopefully we won't have to wait much longer...


After 2 weeks of running 5k (post graduation) I have now gone on to train for 10k using the Hal Higdon programme. BUT, I've decided to run the roads and not the local rec, meaning that I have to tackle the not so pleasant hills of Wales!

It's definitely a different challenge - it's not all about time, just mentally getting over things that I once thought never possible and pushing myself every week to go further in distance. Hopefully, I can then come back to regular 5k runs and see a big improvement in time and performance. (Fingers crossed anyway!)


I normally do park running but I'm venturing out on the roads tomorrow (well, paths lol) so that'll be a nice change. I don't envy those hills lol :P but, they'll do wonders for your legs and stamina :)

I'm sure the 5k runs will be way more comfortable with all the training you'll do for the 10k.

Keep it up! :)


There is no rule really whatever keeps you interested. I guess some will stick to doing 5K and others will change up events! That doesn't really help does it?

I stuck at 5K for a while because I was adamant that I did not want to run more than that and it was enough and yet here I am half marathon in a month or so. Though I am 18 months down the line now....

I am with mrqwest in that the variation and increasing challenge keeps me interested. But that's just me. The most important thing is to figure out what you enjoy and do that: if that is 5Ks then good, if it is increasing difference then good as well. It may change in a few weeks or months as you settle into a rhythm but that's the nice thing about running is you can do as you will, chop and change, try something new or a new location if it doesn't work out try something different next time.

Here is to enjoyment 8-)


Lol :) You've helped loads :)

I know that I want to be able to run further, eventually doing 10k+ but I didn't know whether to focus on getting 5k in 30 mins or whether I should just keep progressing every week like in the program.

I think now I feel more comfortable running for 30 mins, I'll step it up. Maybe I'll try a different 5-10k program thats out until the NHS finish theirs...

Do you recommend any programs for training after the C25K?

Thanks Greg :)


I didn't use one after C25K so am not best placed to have an opinion (well not an informed one anyway, always in a place to have an uninformed opinion :-D )

I doubt we could go wrong with "Laura II : She's Back" !

I did 5K for a while then as it got easier (yes it does honest!) I just found myself experimenting a bit initially with seeing if I could go a bit further in my allotted time then to go a bit further, then a bit of trail running, did some ParkRuns etc .

Once you can run 30 minutes then you have enough stamina to "play" and that's a nice moment and when the slog of getting to that point starts to pay back.


Thanks for all the advice Greg - appreciate it :)

I read on runners world that after you've completed a 5k training program stick at running 5k for a while to avoid injury from jumping to a 10k so, with that & your advice, I think I'll keep at running the 5k and do a little bit more each time, maybe get some speedwork in one day in the week too.

I hope we don't have to wait much longer for Lauras return... :)


Oh Rosey, choices, choices! It's great to hear that you're doing so well. The joy of this, among many other things, is that eventually we have so many options. I'm laid up with calf pain and will have to wait to get back into the stride, but I'm looking forward to different challenges in the future, longer runs, faster runs, changes in location, and all we need is a pair of trainers. Enjoy your running!


Hi Nevertoolate! I'm so sorry to hear about your calf pain :( Keep rested, pamper yourself and it'll soon sort itself out :) I know, all the things we can do and achieve now we're runners eh! Just grab those trainers and we're off :) I'm going on holiday this weekend too so I can't wait to run along the beach with the waves crashing...bliss :) I'm hoping the new location will make running feel fresh again :) The world is ours now lol ;)


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