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Me & Ibruprofen 1 Hamstring Niggle & Shoulder Monkey 0

Today I learnt a very hard lesson… It is not easy to run the morning after a few beers…. !

Today was W8R3.

I have been having hamstring niggles since Wednesday last week, but before I took the dogs out this morning I took a couple of anti-inflammatories so that they would be in my system. It worked, during the shuffle (run) my hamstring did not bother me once.

Due to yesterdays indulgence of beer and not sleeping well, the run today was really hard. I forgot to take something to cover the treadmill display and I think the only reason I got through was that the treadmill kept my feet moving. 28 minutes seems so long when you are watching the seconds tick by. But on the plus side I decided to run listening to my own music, so that was quite upbeat and kept me fairly perky.

The only problem I had was the shoulder monkey ~ you know the fella, he sits there telling you ‘It’s too hard’ ‘You can’t do it’ ‘You won’t do it’ ‘Stop, look how inviting the sofa is’ and many other things along those lines. I could feel myself agreeing with him pretty much to the halfway point of the run.

Once I pass the halfway mark I won’t let myself give in as I have a mental message in my head that there is less to do than I’ve already done. This is when the hidden Kenyan in me appears and smacks that shoulder monkey square in the chops so he can no longer try and talk me out of the run! Sometimes I wish he would appear sooner though :)

As for running the morning after a few beers….. NEVER AGAIN!!

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Ah, the famous shoulder monkey - I know all about him! Well done for digging out the inner kenyan and persisting...mine appears to have gone missing somewhere at the moment.


Mine went on holiday for a while to escape the wet weather I think!! He hasn't been back long :)


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