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Just completed week4

I did my last run of week 4 today and today's the day i'm feeling a few aches. I've been noticing that my first run of a new week is always my best - is it just the challenge of something new?! run2 goes down a bit and by run3 i realise i want to do better but it doesn't match up to run1 :)

I guess with the next couple of weeks, every day's a challenge! So that'll keep me on my toes :)

That apart, I love C25K so far!. I've done a 10K run/walk before but there was no structure to it. I'd run a little, walk a little, wasn't sure about my pace, nor whether I was running walking for consistent amounts of time and I'm pretty sure I didn't run for more than 3 mins at a stretch! i'm really pumped with my progress so far and I'm looking forward to knocking down the coming weeks.

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Well done, sounds like you are doing really well with it RachNJ. I found I have had good and not so good runs - sometimes related to time of day/how tired I feel, and in some of the earlier weeks when I was really suffering from various aches and pains as my body complained about all this exercise :) The important thing is to keep going - by week 4 you are already in the habit! So enjoy the rest of it. You'll be amazed at what you achieve.


Thanks Poulet! I have been trying to stick to the same schedule, same time of day, etc. It doesn't vary by more than 15 minutes though.

I am indeed encouraged by what people have achieved with this program, just waiting to get there myself :)


Hi RachNJ, I too find the middle run of the week the hardest!?!? Have just completed w4 and now slightly daunted by w5 and the more solid runs from now on!

Good luck x


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