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Going CrossCountry

I have just got back from Wk3R3 and have come across an issue with my route. After 3 weeks of running on the roads I thought it would be nice to try running on tracks and across fields so I went out to a nearby wood with a track running around the edge, especially tempting today as it is permanently shady! The only problem with this was the styles which force me to break pace. What would people suggest, as it is otherwise a really nice route and I don't want to stop using it?

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When I go out with the running club we go across a lot of styles....we slow down and walk across / over them. don't let them put you off as come winter and dark evenings you won't be able to go round these tracks as often so make the most of them


It's a good idea to mix routes up so that different muscles are used. Stiles might be an inconvenience if they break your pace but if you can deal with them and find your rhythm again, there's no real reason for avoiding them. You never know, there might be a hurdler under the runner that you are becoming! Enjoy your running :)


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