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I've lost my old mind - and I don't want it back!

This week I have completed runs 1 & 2 of week 8, but on run 2 something in the back of my thigh 'went' so I am leaving run 3 for a few days as the muscle is still not right... and I am getting twitchy because I want to crack on with the programme.

On Saturday mornings I go to zumba, pilates & kettlesize classes with a friend and I am still planning on doing zumba & pilates tomorrow, thigh muscle permitting.

Last Saturday the instructor was away so I took myself off to a Parkrun, which I really enjoyed but knew it would be a while before I could go again due to my Saturday commitments with my friend.

Anyway, my friend told me today that she won't be able to make the 11th August classes & my 1st thought was 'Cool, I can go and do another Parkrun' - Yes, that really was my 1st thought!!!

Whats happened to me, my 1st thought would usually have been 'Great, a lie in' followed by 'OOO, shopping' :D

Seems like part of my bad habits are dying... now if I could just sort out the eating habits....

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Lovely :-D


It's amazing how C25K changes us all mentally as well as physically. I agree with you saying you are happier with the new you as I feel exactly the same, I'm loving the 2.0 version of the new me :) :)


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