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No heroics, just wanted to keep going!

This morning I ran for the first time for a week. I last ran last Thursday then I went to a conference and then I came down with a cold. I'm still not completely over the cold, but my nose is not running so much, so I thought it was time to let my feet take over!

The last twice I ran, I failed to complete the time I had set for myself due to tight calves and setting off too fast, so this morning I set out at a relaxed pace, determined to complete 30 minutes. After all, what's the point in graduating if that's the last 30 minute run you ever do?

Learning from previous mistakes, I had added some extra songs to my running playlist and I didn't set RunKeeper going until I had completed my warm-up walk (I know how far I can get in 5 minutes, I don't need to time it!). I have told RunKeeper that I want to get to 5K in 30 mins, i.e. 6 mins per km, so I knew I was going to get nagged about being behind my target pace. But I didn't care. The main thing was to keep going. I started noticing my cold a bit around 20 mins in, but I could still breathe through my nose and I wasn't about to let myself make any excuses.

I didn't quite get 10 times round the park in 30 mins and, according to RunKeeper, the 450m path round the park is less than 450m long... And I don't care. Because I did it. I kept running. Definitely doesn't qualify for hero status but I got out there and I did it. My first 30 minute run since I graduated. Very thoughtfully, the sun refrained from coming out properly until after I had finished. Think it's going to be another scorcher today.

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Great blog and well done.

Motivation is so hard once you've graduated....I've found it comes and goes...

But we are runners so keep going ! :)


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