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Moving on from graduation,

I'm trying to mix up my runs now abit now that I have more freedom to pick and choose where to go from, I've decided to continue to do at least one 30 minute run weekly as well as re-starting the programme in a quest to hopefully improve speed. I would really like to complete 5k in 30 minutes.

1st and 2nd run after graduation, run 1 was back to basic, like many others I ran the 60 seconds and jogged the 90 seconds, then ran another 60 seconds I found after each of these repeated sequences I had to walk the 90 seconds I found it difficult manly because of pushing myself harder, but as always I felt wonderfull.

Run 2 I did today and it was soooo hot, rather than do the 30 minutes that I'd planned, I focused on doing 20 minutes, as I knew that it would be a struggle and I didn't want to not go and do nothing so I comprimised. The usual ten minutes hard as hell, then after that everything becomes easier. I did slow right down when I came to a shady part just to savior that bit more.

I finished both session of by doing Matt Roberts the fat loss plan's resistance training and stretches. I feel like it's making a big difference to me and I felt fantastic after both am hoping in the next couple of months I will really notice the difference to my shape and fitness.

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I re-started the program last week to work on increasing my speed, too. I've done three runs thus far, but tomorrow morning I am going to run for 35 minutes at my regular pace so that I maintain my endurance level.


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