4.67k in 27 minutes (I'm 1 minute missing)

4.67k in 27 minutes (I'm 1 minute missing)

W8 is done!! I never thought I'd say that but roll on W9. I ran to my own music today & timed myself. I include my warm up walk in my time but not my cool down, I don't why it just works for me, so I covered a distance of 4.67k - so tantalizingly close to this 5k! I ran to my own music which seemed to encourage me to up the pace. My left leg was so tight though so I had to have a stretch half way through which meant there was a slight dip in performance *groans*. No PB's beaten but I enjoyed the run even if my poor Labrador was too poorly to run. I kind of missed him :(

It was roasting when I was running and I was drenched in sweat with my hair, which is curly anyway, frizzed up from my red face & scalp. The idea of this run was to end at the local supermarket to buy a birthday card & some alcohol for said birthday. Reached the supermarket in 27 minutes (1 minute off!!), considered doing a lap of car park to reach 28 minutes but I thought might weird out customers so grabbed my trolley and wandered round the shop.I got ID'd (again) at the till (I'm 25!!) and showed my ID but I don't think the lady could reconcile the image on my driving licence, which is in black & white now, with this red faced person, covered in frizz. I mean I knew I didn't look good but I didn't think I looked that bad! Got home and I spoke to my OH. I asked if I should dare look in the mirror and he tried to be tactful ... off to the mirror I went then quickly ran the shower to tame hair and cool down. Jogging is not a sport that can be done glamorously, at least not by me!!

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  • Well done thats fabulous timing you will be sure to do the 5k in week 9.

  • I'll remain hopeful and will try to get 5k but even if I don't I will just remind myself what an achievement it is to run for 30 minutes! 8 weeks ago I was finding it hard to run for 60 seconds.

  • Well done! I often think I will run somewhere to do somerhing, but have to remind myself about the state I will arrive in!!!

  • Maybe jogging somewhere was an incident too far but I'm sure the shop assistant had something to laugh at so as long as someone was happy!! *smiles*.

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