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Week 4, Run 1 - slip streaming a power walker

What just happened? Witchcraft I tell you! Witchcraft! Laura is muttering voodoo into my ear - I somehow did Week 4, Run 1!

Laura says I'm now running more than I'm walking but the Other Woman's stats say no change in average speed. If anything, I'm slower than previous outings. Not that I care? (I do.)

I'm clearly not running as fast in the running bits and not walking as briskly in the briskly-walking bits. I blame the heat! Summer is here, finally! And suddenly the sheep, dead crow (still with us, so to speak) and I are joined (at what I thought was my secluded flat) with fair weather runners, would be Wigginses (I was nearly run down twice) and a power walker. She was waddling along, head to toe in lyrca, at a surprisingly fair whack. Is that where I'm heading? My slower running bouts and walking rests will eventually merge by Week 9 into a humourous hip gyrating wobbly trot.

Anyway, I was catching her up! Luckily she turned off sharply - so sharp I thought she'd topple - and went up a hill. I didn't follow. I don't do hills. I say luckily as I've no idea what the overtaking etiquette is; Hand single? Horn? Bell? Or just ride their slipstream. Would it be awful jogger's faux pas to go for the overtake only to manage a run alongside? Running small talk required? A social phobia mine field. I'l just cross the road next time.

I'm babbling about nothing, which probably means the running is kind of doing okay. A strange twinge in the groin area, ooh, that's new but nothing to write home about. So I won't. Looking forward to Run 2.

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Just saw your blog, very funny, similar experience to my Week 6 run 1 a right old predicament.;)


Good to hear from you! Your blogs are always great, a witty antidote to the struggle I'm having with W4. Hopefully Laura's voodoo will work on me when I do W4R3 on Saturday. I need a breakthrough.... was so enjoying it last week but not this.


thanks, too kind. W4R3 for me tomorrow! Surprisingly enjoyed this week, wasn't expecting to, in shock that I've someone managed to finish the runs. Week 5 looms though. *shudder*


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