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Wk4R1 done - have never felt this good on a Monday morning!

Don't think I have ever felt this good at 8am on a Monday morning! I was up at 6am, sun shining, new pink running jacket on (sale item!!) and when Laura said 1st 3 minute run done, I almost didnt slow!! Then that first 5 minutes - done!! Ok so the second half was harder and had to have a little 30 second walk half way thru the 2nd 5 minute "run" - and I am very slow - the foxes barely ran off this morning :-) - but cannot believe I managed that - and on a Monday after 2 rest days!

Thanks to everyone who writes on here - it was remembering some of the comments I have seen here that got me through!

Now just need to work out what to do with the rest of the day as my son is at the seaside so I can write a report - but feeling far too pleased with myself to sit at a desk for 8 hours - and rather afraid I might seize up ;-) !

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Wow, sounds like you're doing brilliantly. I hope I can sail through week 4 with such enjoyment, if I ever get there! Hope you have a good week 4, look forward to reading about your progress. Keep going!


thanks for this - it is honestly only the comments here that get me through - and Laura of course ;-) I am sure you are doing really great - getting motivation from here is the start - let me know how you find wk4 - have read some blogs that say R1 is easy but then gets harder!

Love your "name" by the way :-)


haha, thanks! Yeah, I'm finding the comments and blogs on here really helpful too. I'll let you know how I get on...hoping I get there!


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