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Oops - sorry Laura, didn't realise I'd been running that long!

This morning, I headed out for W6R2, which I wasn't sure I'd recovered enough for (seems that the longer the runs, the more time I need to recover - which makes sense, but is slowing me down!), with my trusty mp3 and Laura talking in my ear.

However, disaster struck. When I got about 8 minutes (I judge this by the point I was in my route) into the first 10 minute run, Laura and her cheery music suddenly cut out.

It turns out when I got my MP3 at about W1R2, and charged it then, I hadn't thought about needing to charge it since! So after about 19 runs, I think it had finally given up hope of being charged, and told me what-for in the form of a silent protest.

Luckily, I've got a bit used to my route now, so I ran on for about 2 minutes more (possibly a bit longer), walked for a little bit (supposed to be 3 minutes, but I'm not so good at judging time when I'm walking) and ran the rest of the route home. As a result, I'm not so sure the second run was 10 minutes, but I ran to my front door, and did some stretches rather than the 5 minute walk, so I feel it would have been at least 8 minutes of running! (Hopefully ten!)

My mp3 is now recharging, which is what I could do with doing! Hopefully I've learnt that lesson and will remember to plug in every now and again!

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Just think by the time it needs charging again, you will have graduated!


I know what you mean. My daughter's lent me her mp3 player and it doesn't seem to have a way of charging. I think it charges via the hasn't run out yet anyway so fingers crossed!


Yes, my MP3 suddenly ran out of juice on a recent run too and I felt completely lost running in silence, apart from being able to hear all my puffing for a change! Am now making sure that I charge it up more often now so that it doesn't happen again!


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