W1R2 - Cow 'Dung' all around

Ok, so the bridge was closed on R1 so today, I turned left and followed the river.....all fine......until I hit a shady cow dung boggy area......i was mid run #3 and lost my trainer in the dung! Got stuck for a few minutes which made me loose momentum. A shame as I didnt feel like I had completed the session really. I need to do the 3rd session to keep me on track.

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  • I think that was an heroic run ...

  • Yes I'd like to think so too!.....or maybe just an excuse for a slow run!

  • I think you should assume you not only completed the session but you overcame obstacles too ! Well done :-)

  • i love the positive spin you've put on this. Greatly appreciated!

  • Maybe your body has been listening to all the recent stuff about barefoot running and was giving you a hint...

    Well done for keeping going - these little excitements are all small badges of honour on the way to graduation.

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