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I'm a runner!!!!

I'm officially a runner! I've just finished week 6 run 3 and after two horrible runs on Monday and Wednesday I had a great run today. I didn't struggle, I upped the pace for the last minute and I could have run for a bit longer. I'm not fast, I covered 3.2k, but I am a runner!!! Looking forward to week 7. Hope all the other week 6'ers have got through it. Xxx

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ooh, congratulations!

I still couldn't get myself together again today lol, I'll get there eventually!




Aw no, I was thinking about you on my run. I'm sure you'll get there. Sorry you didn't manage it today but keep trying. Let me know when you've cracked it. Xxx


Thanks, I'll do it, just got to keep plugging away - I'm sure tonight's wine will help ;-)


Well done welshwoman, I'm glad you made it after the bad start to the week. I'm sure it's those first two runs from hell that get you ready to do the 25 minutes. Congratulations!

I'm so sorry fillyfoo - what do you think is the problem? breathing, legs? is there anything we can suggest that might help?


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