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Week 3, run 1

Just completed my first session of Week 3 successfully, and thoroughly surprised myself by really enjoying it. :)

I got into a (snail's) pace, kept it up, and found that my breathing just went along with that. I didn't feel like my lungs were about to fall out, like at the beginning of Week 1, and I actually found myself looking around and enjoying the scenery. The scenery is mostly bushes, because I run along a path/cycle path that used to be a railway line, but they're nice bushes!

It wasn't easy, and I'm very slow, but I never thought I'd be able to run for 3 minutes, and now I'm really looking forward to trying to run for 5 mins next week!

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That is brilliant, it is a wonderful feeling when you start enjoying as opposed to enduring, a run! I did up to week 7 on a treadmill due to being so self conscious but I love running outdoors now, enjoying the sights sounds and smells (well maybe not all the smells!) from the fields and woods round here.


Isn't it just? I'd have been running indoors if I had access to a treadmill, but there's a small nature reserve a 3min walk from my house, so it made sense to go there - but early in the morning or at tea time so hardly anyone else is around!


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