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Running shoes - can anyone advise, please?

I was looking at running shoes last night on t'Internet and was horrified at the price! Currently I run in plain old Nike or Karrimor trainers with orthotic insoles as I tend to overpronate. They seem to do the job OK actually. Any deficiencies in the running are down to me, not the shoes!

Anyway, if I do splash out on some good shoes, having made a commitment to keep on running (ha, ha, let's see if I survive each week of the programme - I think it's going to be a struggle all the way through), can anyone advise me which are good ones to get? I know sod all about the whole topic. All I can say is if I can get some to accommodate the pronation thing that would be good.

Have a good weekend, everyone! Run well.

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I now have two pairs of Brooks running shoes, and a pair of their Walkers too. I bought my first pair for only £25 on Amazon (just happened to catch them at the right time) after using the tools on Brooks' website to determine what type I needed (I also overpronate). My second pair I bought last week (Goretex and gorgeous, lol) cost £70, but having got on so well with my first pair, I knew it was worth spending the money. One thing I would say, buy a larger size that you normally wear. My first pair were half a size larger (as advised by my running friend) and a bit tight on the toes. The second pair are a whole size larger and a perfect fit. If you're thinking of buying from Amazon, they are currently offering a 20% discount code on clothing & shoes if you sign up for their clothing email (which is what I did). Makes a nice difference to the cost.

So personally, I'm a Brooks Running fan. They work for me. My shoes are women's Brooks Defyance 3 (don't think they're available now) and Brooks Adrenaline GTX, for what it's worth. :) Best of luck in finding the right shoes for you.


Thank you! That's really helpful.


just catching up from yesterday, there was a topic in questions about this, it seemed very interesting


Thank you, Mrstickle! I will check it out.


you're very welcome Soozz :) I suspect gait analysis numbers to have dropped dramatically since the broadcast, let alone sales of sports drinks !


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