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My muscles are wondering what has hit them!

I've always considered myself fairly fit and regularly go hillwalking and backpacking. I can walk for miles with a slow, steady plod, and am happy to do so. I'd never seriously considered running before, but a week ago I had a sudden wish to run! So I did. I had no idea of what was good practice so simply tried to walk for 5 mins and run for what I thought was one minute, but was only 30 secs (I repeated the same exercise 2 days later with a watch).

Then I thought I'd better research 'the 'proper' way to start running and found this programme. I downloaded the podcasts and borrowed a mp3 player from my son and have now completed W1r2. I'm currently running in trail walking shoes, but will try to get to the running shop this weekend.

I think I'm going to need to think about my route. My current route starts with a short road walk, then goes into the woods, but hits a small hill just as I finish the 5-min warm up walk. Starting by running up a incline is not good! I feel I can barely finish the first 60 sec run! (Although I do, as the voice is more motivating than looking at a watch).

I've also restarted doing yoga and using the yoga poses for stretching after my run, as well as a daily morning routine. I hope this will help with my stiff muscles. My calves are perfectly fine, but the inner thigh muscles are not!

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Yes choose a nice flat route to start with, you needn't make your introduction to running harder than it already is. I've been running with my husband who has been running for ten years so he picked nice flat runs for me. It's all about building up slowly. I'd never ran before starting C25K but I've completed it now & I'm enjoying running three times a week for 28-30 minutes.

Good luck.


Don't be disheartened by problems with your first foray into running, I also regarded myself as fit before starting to run as I'm used to walking long distances but running uses your muscles in a different way - those first 60 second runs I found harder than the 5 minute ones I'm now doing in week 4. Once your body gets used to what you want it to do you'll hopefully find your walking will show benefits with stamina though, that's been my experience so far.

As above I'd definitely recommend flat runs to begin with, you can build up to inclines as you become more used to running. Best of luck - stick with the programme & you'll get there. :-)


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