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W6R3 fail - harrumph!

Just a quick whinge.........I was on such a high after last monday's W5R3 20 mins successfully completed, and the first 2 runs of W6 done. Went to do R3 tonight - 25 mins - epic fail! Only managed 12.5 mins then had to walk for 2 and then just another 5. Bit more walking and another 5 mins. What a let down, lol.

I know exactly why this happened - running school yesterday morning was a 7.5K run (with a couple of 'collapse and walk' stages) - just thought I could do it, as I normally run sun and mon then stick to the every-other-day rest days for the rest of the week. I guess this shows that my legs aren't quite up to it yet.

So, good rest day tomorrow, plenty of carbs and give it another go on Wednesday. And more reading of your stories on here - my virtual running club :-)

PS - does anyone have a good method of treating blisters / toughening the skin please? I got a couple of nasty blisters 2 weeks ago on the arches of both feet. One has healed well but the other is still very sore (but pretty much dry). I strap it up well for every run but obviously I'm wearing the same trainers and it is rubbing in the same place. I don't really want to take days off just for a blister.

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Sorry for the disappointment for today's run...pick yourself up, brush yourself down and then start all over again. As to the blisters, I use compede blister packs which helps.



No, no, no .... let's have none of this "fail" nonsense. You would have failed only if you hadn't tried. Having said which, I think you are correct about why you had a poor session. It's easy to forget that it's during the rest periods that your body builds strength and stamina and not during the actual run. I guess you could say that the run builds your mental strength and the rest period builds your physical.


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