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Timing & Distance

I've reached the end of week 7 & now all the runs are solid blocks I'm paying more attention to the stats at the end of each run but I was wondering from which point does everyone start recording their time/distance? Is it at the start of the warm up walk & finish at the end of the cool down or do you do it just for the actual run?

Also - sorry to ask loads of questions - but when you graduate do you just run as soon as you step out the door or do you still do warm up/cool downs?

Thanks :)

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I Just time the run - That's the bit that'd be timed at a race, otherwise the *slower* walk will bring down your average running speed.

Also, the warm ups and cool downs are just as important no matter how long you've been running.

congratulations on getting this far, and keep up the good work. Not long left now :)


I start it as soon as I step out the door but I'm not very good at working my phone while it's in my armband thingy.


With the longer runs, I only time the actual run - otherwise I find it messes up the stats completely


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