Couch to 5K

My mind is in other places

My mind is in other places

I ran Wk9 R1 today, and thankfully the temperature has come down, because we've had thunder and lightning storms for the past three nights. The run went smoothly, and I enjoyed it, but I am going pretty slowly. I can tell that my cardio, pulmonary, and physical endurance have increased greatly since starting the program. I plan to re-start the program next week to work on my speed, because I think that I need to amp it up.

What I like about running on the trail is that it allows my mind to wander while running. I laugh to myself sometimes when I read about people complaining about the music, because most of the time I am not even paying attention to it. There is only one song that I can recall from this morning, and that is because it's the first one of the running session and was included in Wk8's playlist. It's like the overhead music you hear while shopping. You hear, but you don't, if you know what I mean.

In fact, sometimes I am so engrossed in my thoughts that it dawns on me that my legs are still running, and I wasn't consciously thinking about the effort I was exerting. This is really a stark difference from when I started the program. Back then every available brain was concentrating intently on seeing me through each running session. Well, now that I ponder on that, it makes sense, because there were more instances of Laura telling you when to run, stop running, and to walk.

I just bought a Diamondback Clarity 3 Hybrid bicycle (meshes the features of a road bike and a mountain bike), and will be riding it during my "off" days. Does anyone know if there are any interval training programs for bike riding?


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