thank you to everyone who takes time to blog their progress

Wanted to say thank you to all the people sharing their progress - I had a rubbish run this morning Wk7 r1 - couldn't finish it and felt bad, and have been down on myself all day - then read some of the posts from people and realise that everyone has a bad day and that I need to pick myself up and get back out there on Wednesday. Only 3 more weeks to go


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  • Good on you, just be positive. I've had days when I've thought, what am I doing!!?? Then all is forgotten as the sun comes out, I go off into my own world and just love being alive, I know cheesy, but...Then you realise you've finished another run, this is what keeps me going:)

  • One of the shocks for me was how different runs can be - I expected if I did R1 reasonably easily that R2 would be easier and R3 much easier. Soon got a wake up call on that one ...

    Think it happens to most of us reading the blogs - i think the key is not to over analyse ...As Scarlett O'Hara said 'Tomorrow is another day.'

  • what never ceased to surprise me, the runs that turn out fabulous when you expect them to be rubbish (because you haven't slept/pre-occupied with family stuff/bad mood, whatever) and then you go for a run and it sings from beginning to end.

  • You've done 25 minutes before, so you know you can do - bet it will be fine on the next run!

  • Thats what makes this site so addictive its so very supportive. Don't worry about a bad run as you already know we all have them. It could just be down to not being hydrated enough before setting off, or just going a little bit too fast at the beginning. Your next one will be just fine, trust in yourself and trust the programme and you will like hundreds of others succeed.

    I never blogged my worst ever failed run because I felt so stupid. It was after I had graduated, I just assumed I was an expert (huh) Off I galloped at a really fast speed, well I was a graduate after all. 15 minutes into my 5K run I suddenly felt light headed weak and just could not go on. Oh boy, do I push myself, NO shouted my common sense voice (it does speek to me now and again) so I slowed to a brisk walk and headed home. Thankfully none the worse for my actions and 2 days later was back into my trainers and did my 5K no bother at all.

    Just put your last walk behind you, learn from it and get back into your positive mode. Good luck for the rest of the programme, your nearly there now. :)

  • I know how you're feeling, same thing for me this morning. I was looking forward to my first run of week 8, maybe I set off too fast, tortoise rather than snail felt good to start with then the problem with my calf reared its ugly head, the last two runs I had done were fine. So I walked the rest of the way, feels fine while I'm walking but hey you know we will both put on our trainers, set our Ipods, listen to Laura and off we go.... good luck on your next run :)

  • thanks for the support everyone, I've never regularly used a site like this before but it is really helpful - went out there this morning and did it - had a bit of a mental wobble @ 15 mins but kept going and got into a rhythm so was very suprised to hear Laura say 1 minute to go!

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