Couch to 5K

W8 R1,2,3 All done :)

Wow, 3 runs away from graduation.

I've enjoyed week 8 because I'm soooooo much fitter, its fantastic to be able run for 28 mins.

I have chafing under my arms from wearing a vest but this has been my only 'injury', 'problem' except not being able to walk after 60 seconds of running 8 wks ago.

I hope to train for a 10K when I've finished this because I really don't want to stop running.

My body shape has changed, I've lost a stone in weight and feel fantastic.

Anyone just starting out, take it from me -you CAN do it :)

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Fabulous :) Keep up the good work!


well done you are so close now they are making your graduate badge as we speak.


Brilliant - I have just started W8 and can't believe I managed 28 mins!


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