Couch to 5K

W5R3 successfully done, who'd have thought it?

I've been sweating on this one since the start of last week but it wasn't half as bad as I thought it would be and I made it to the end! Started out with the aim to at least run 9 mins and anything else was a bonus. Before I knew it 10 mins was up and then when laura said 15 mins there was no way I was going to stop (last 5 was quite tough though). When the 20 was up, if I could of jumped for joy, I would have. Instead, I shuffled off home with a satisfied smile on my face.

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Yay you! I think this is where we really start to turn the corner... :-) Well done, that's brilliant.


Well done!! I've just done mine this morning - sat here still pouring with sweat, but like you there was no way I was stopping after 15 minutes ha ha :)

Roll on week 6 eh?


Great job! It's a huge accomplishment!


Way to go!

I'm facing that monster tomorrow, so enjoying the success stories! :)


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