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First post - week 6

Hi guys, have just found this website - maybe a symptom of the fact that I am panicking slightly about not getting the little 'walk' breaks in the programme.

I was diagnosed with high blood pressure last November, and that kicked my arse into gear to finally do something about being hugely overweight and to become more healthy.

Since then I have lost over 4 stone and am doing the unthinkable - running! Well, laboured shuffling to be more precise!!!

I'm quite daunted about trying to run for 25 mins tomorrow morning, but I will give it a go - good luck everyone!!! :0)

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If you did the 20 minute run last week you will find the first two runs in wk 6, which do have walks in them, are invaluable for preparing you for the 25 minute run. Even if you have to slow down for the last five minutes of it, like I did, you should be OK. Good luck and let us know how you get on :)


Thanks Happierswimming - I have completed the first two runs so fingers crossed!!xx


I did it this morning - physically, I thought it was easier than the 20 mins in week 5...mentally is a different matter!


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