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week 6 run 3

I have been in week 6 for some time already as I found hard to follow the podcasts. WHat I have done is just use my own play list and jog an extra song every day. yesterday I finally got the courage to try week 6 run3 and I managed to run for 22 minutes!! I know it is studpid but I started walking after that annoying song that it is telling you that it will get easier (I did not feel it al all!!). Then laura said that there was only 5 minutes left and I started running again until the end.

I will try to run the full 25 minutes tomorrow. Although I do not know now whether i will be doing week 6 run 3 again, week 7 or my own music!

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Sounds like a plan! Now I've reached the end of week 6, I'm adapting slightly because I know I have 9 more runs to complete and I'm not worrying too much if they are exactly as timed providing I do between 25 and 30 minutes each time. I think I might also just run twice a week, instead of 3x because I'm 61 and want to leave some energy for my other activities, especially swimming :) I use Get Running app on my ipod and that lets me play my own tunes and interrrupts them to tell me how much longer I've got to run. It's the same interval training as Laura but has no tips or support.


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