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W2R2 first run after a day at work

Last week I was on holiday from work so had plenty time to fit in the C25k plan. Tonight was my first run after a day at work. It was warm and sticky out there. Managed the running fine, not quite at good as first thing on Sunday morning but it was good. Several real runners went past in the other direction, friendly people, smiling and saying hello :)

Still struggling with the breathing thing, can breath out for 4 but then start gasping for air for the next 4 - don't think that's the plan! oh dear. When did you guys get your breathing sorted? Not sure that having asthma helps but I'm told that running will make it better? Also ran to close to the edge and ran into stinging nettles - it's still stinging.

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Ouch on the stinging nettles!

I could never do the breathing in for 4 and out for 4 either. I ended up gasping for air just like yourself. I soon found a rhythm though, I think it's more breathe in on 3, and out on 3 as opposed to 4 but I think everyones different.


Will try 3 next time! Gives me something to concentrate on - rather than - Arrrgghhh how much longer til I get to walk :D


I def do 3 too... Couldn't manage 4!


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