2,000 members!

Hello to all 2,000 of you in the Couch to 5k community.

That's right, we passed the 2,000 member milestone this morning. Considering this community has only been running since February, I think that's amazing. It's exactly two months since membership topped 1,000, so that means 17 people who are using the Couch to 5k programme join every day to tell their stories and ask questions to help them on their 9 week journey.

Have a great week everyone and happy running.



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19 Replies

  • It's only been running since February? Wow! That's some serious growth!

    Well done to everyone involved.

  • Sweet! Congrats to the community! Well done to all the members and keep on running! :D

  • Wow that's fantastic, it just goes to show what a fabulous and supportive program c25k is :)

  • Blimey! Didn't realise it's only been running since Feb. Brill achievement & I feel proud to be part of it.

  • Oh my gosh, JR! What a great milestone! Congratulations....

    (And one must wonder, indeed, how many MORE visit to read and take encouragement but don't join. A great resource!)

  • Amazing and a great testement to the programme itself as if people did not feel good doing they would not recommend it.

    Well done.

  • Thats brilliant, well done everyone

  • What fantastic news :)

  • Just think in another year there may be no one left on the couch. What a thought.....

  • Have been watching the numbers grow with amazement.

    Whilst I'm here quite, have to say quite liking the new format.

    John - is there any way we can filter the blogs to show the ones updated most recently with comments?

  • Hi

    HealthUnlocked are planning a more fundamental redesign of their communities (they have 130+ - you can see the others at healthunlocked.com/directory/) later this year I think and there'll be lots of new functionality then. I'm sure there'll be some way of filtering posts as part of that.

  • Thanks for the update John

  • That is fantastic, 2000 fitter folk. This could be an epidemic :) Ditto Alis request for updated blogs. I've just found the admin ones about the t-shirts.

  • Wow thats darn fast, almost as fast as we are :) Just think if we all buy a T shirt that will be at least 2000 T's running around spreading the good word too. Love it.

  • Laura and co , you must be proud! I certainly am with my progress and this is my first community blog thingy...Keep on running! :)

  • Amazing! Hello everyone! I wonder how much collective weight we've lost?!

  • Wahoo! I used to read other running type forums and this is easily the most friendly one. It's the only one I've ever posted in

  • Hoorah! That is seriously brillant and most of it must be word of mouth or googling. A small revolution - the ball is well and truely rolling!! Yippee!!

  • Thats great! Although I was a stealth runner initially, am now at week 7 and am telling everyone about this plan, it just works and its fab!

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