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That's it - week 9, run 3 - graduated!

blimey, it came round quicker than I thought. After run 2 this week being foul - nearly quit a run for the first time I was hating it that much, it was much easier today. No warm down walk though as needed the loo after 15 mins, so timed my finish at the front door ;)

So the plan now is to do Chester Zoo's 5k at the end of September - am prob running just over 2 miles atm.

If you had told me 2 years ago I would be a runner I'd have laughed at you, but I know that I actually CAN do pretty much anything I want to, thank you NHS C25K, Laura & all you guys on the forum.

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:D :D Congrats!! Hope your celebrating tonight! :) I graduated tonight too - let's keep the good running vibe going! extra congrats on sticking with run 2 and I'm so glad your run 3 was easier!


well done you :-) it's fantastic isn't it? i graduated last weekend and I too wouldn't have ever throught I would enjoy running, and could never have done it without the podcasts, Laura and the forum!!

Keep up the good work! :-)


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