Couch to 5K

don't set your ipod to the slow speed!

I have just got in from doing Wk5 R3 so feeling really pleased with myself - possibly made easier by discovering I had accidently set my i-pod speed to slow for the first 2 runs this week, i wondered why Laura sounded like she was slightly drunk. Only discovered it because I took my phone to see how far I had run and it told me I had been out for 42 minutes for a 31 minute programme - doh!

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happened to me too!


That really made me laugh! I run slow enough as it is.. any slower and it'll be Wk7 walk 1 next


Happened to me as well!

Now I'm getting curious as to if was actually something I did orrrr a ploy to get us moving for longer without realising? ;)


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