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That's week 7 finished!

This morning I went out for a run in the rain, not really sure of where I was going. I am staying at my sister's house at the moment and I thought I might head towards the park and run there. My first problem was that I had to cross a main road to get there and, as it was already busy, I didn't cross where I wanted to and ended up going the long way round. This run also involved something that, living in Cambridge, I'm going to call hills. Well, gradients, anyhow. I'm just not used to that!

Anyway, I made it to the park and discovered that running in grass that needs cutting is not terribly easy, so as soon as Laura told me I was half way through, I decided to head back the way I came. I did still manage a little burst of extra speed for the last minute, but this was definitely the hardest of the 25min runs I've done.

Still, I have now finished week 7. My next run (on Sunday) is the Race for Life. I'm really hoping that I can keep going and run the entire thing.

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Well done for running a different route! I found it hard when I did this as I know my usual route so well. Good luck for Sunday - Iam doing Race for Life on Sunday too so I will be thinking of you! :)


miss_t_ide and hollyO good luck for sunday! I've just finished week 6 and i'm also doing the race for life on sunday!

p.s well done too!


Where is your Race for Life?


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