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W6R1 my toughest session

I have been taking a lot from these posts and read about having good runs and bad runs. Well up until today I have been enjoying it and progressing with ease. Not today. I managed to complete the workout but it was tough. I think after w5r3 I thought today would be easy because of the walks. Well it wasn't. It is still an 18 minute run after all. I think my legs were still heavy after the 20 run last Saturday. But it's in the bag and hopefully that is my bad one out of the way. When you look at the clock on an 8 min run and realise you have only done one minute but are knackered then the other 7 are murder!

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Well done. Yes, difficult but you did it. I think the plan is designed to keep on stretching you so that you build up your strength and confidence. That's what I tell myself when its hell ..


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