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When to eat if your running later in the day - 7.00pm

I have always run first thng in the morning but I'm going to try and join a local running club who train in an evening at 7.00-9.00pm. Now I'm really not looking forward to going out running at this time but ah well I'm a sucker for punishment and I won't know if I can do it unless I try.

When do you eat your main meal of the day if you are running in the evenings, we usually eat at 6.00pm which is no good at all?

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I run at 7 with running club so I usually have 2 light meals, 1 about 5pm and the other when I get home at 8.30 ish. If pushed for time I eat a couple of bananas and get a meal later.


This was something i was worried about too as I'd always run in the morning.

My running club meets at 8pm and even if I left the office dead on 5 i'm not home till 6.15/6.30 at the earliest. So for me I eat my lunch as late as possible 1.30 /2...I take in pasta so it's more filling than a sandwich and then sometimes have a cereal bar when I get in. I've found in the past that I need to give myself about 2.5 (min) / 3 hours between eating and running and this has seemed to be working for me. When I get back I'm not hungry so tend to just have a glass of milk (occassionaly a slice of toast) and that's me till breakfast the next day.


Depending on your body, you might be okay with a meal 1 full hour before running, but you will probably be happier with at least 2 hours between a full meal and running. Why not try a snack instead of dinner? Have a good lunch before that, and possibly a good-sized mid-afternoon snack so you aren't feeling starved during your run.


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