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Getting faster by running less

Not sure if the link will work ok, but tonight was my fastest 5k to date!, 10 minutes faster than this time 2 months ago when I was getting back to things after my ankle trouble.

Last year to try to help get faster I tried interval running as well as increasing distance, getting up to 13k, hoping that would show with an increase in my 5k time, but for me it never did. My fastest 5K was 32mins 44secs in July last year. Tonight I ran 5K in 30mins 42secs. I would love to get it under the big 30mins barrier this year but I imagine it will still take time....and after all it took me a year to figure out what worked for me!

Since I had trouble with my ankle and had nearly 6 weeks rest from running the end of Jan I decided to ease myself back into it with 15 minute runs. I quite enjoyed the convenience to these so stuck with short 15 or 20 minute runs and noticed how quickly my speed increased, so have stuck with the shorter runs since then, every now and then adding in a longer run.

I don't always have the energy to go as fast on the longer runs, but probably 60/70% of the time I do.

I always thought running more was the way to go and in a way was a bit hard on myself at times for 'just' running for 15mins, very pleased now though to see where it has got me!

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Fantastic! You must be so pleased! I'm also trying to get my speed up and I guess you just have to keep trying different ways of doing it. Some do hill work, fartlek, or just increasing distance. Eventually, as you have shown, you find what works for you. Well done!


This is a great time Well done you!


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