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Shin splints and ? Stress fracture.... Ugh! But now, backin the game!

So during my last run back at the end of May (W5R1) I was unable to finish... Sharp pain in my shins and no amount of walking it off was going to let me complete the run.

After two weeks of "rest" (no runs) I thought I was on the mend but suddenly a golf-ball sized lump appeared from nowhere on my left shin. It hurt so much I couldn't even bear to have my jeans touch it, but after some insistence from my husband, I let him give it a gentle massage. The lump decreased in size and a bruise came out within about 30 minutes. Went for X-rays and though no stress fracture showed, they suggested I continue to rest and seek an MRI if it returns.

Had decided last week that I would run this week and have literally just come back from a repeat of W5R1... No pain. My confidence was low, fearing the weeks off would have meant a huge backwards step, but it was fine. Sure, I was slow but I managed it!

I am dong Race for Life in 2 weeks so fingers crossed things continue to improve and that I can do this event, even though it won't be as fast as I had hoped!

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I had a lot of problems from shin splints and on and off had to stop for around 6 weeks. I started back at week 5 and now just about to do my last run in week 9.

Like you I ran a lot slower and I also concentrated on not "bouncing" as much as I had previously. I have also found leaving 2 days between runs has helped and so far so good it doesn't hurt even if I prod my shins with my finger. Fingers crossed you continue to do well and good like for the Race for Life.


Glad I'm not the only one! Pleased you seem to have them beaten, too. Have been in the best mood since I came back from today's run... Didn't realise quite how much I've missed it!


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