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Post graduation - a possible plan

Trying to keep motivated and interested after graduation. Went out today and decided to try going a bit further as I've been getting bored on my usual route. So once through the woods and into the park instead of going through the school I carried on a bit further and into another small park. It was an area I didn't know well so it kept my interest. There seemed to be lots of choice of paths so I will try some others next time. Also took me round to a bit where I got a good view of the sea in the distance which was nice.

I've actually liked running these last few days when the ground is muddy and you have to pick a route round the puddles. I prefer running on rough ground paths through woods, parks and on grass to roads and pavements. Tried a route on Friday which was essentially round the block, prompted by the fact there had been a thunderstorm earlier and wanted to keep fairly close to home if it started again. However I found the terrain actually hard going as there are driveways crossing regularly which create side slopes. Also it was dead boring. I'm lucky I've got reasonable alternatives close to home.

So the plan after today is each weekend to either do a Parkrun on Saturday or try to find a new route.

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Or take up fell running! That will definitely keep you interested (and fit) :-)


Wilmacgh, I have the same running preferences - and I should perhaps bear that in mind when thinking about speed goals.


Does this site have a facility for photos? Because I would love to see some of your runs! They sound lovely.

My brother finished c35k about 6 months ago and he is often posting pictures of his runs around the Suffolk countryside!


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