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Post graduation advice please

I finished C25K one week ago, and hope to complete the Race for Life next Sunday.

Since graduating, I have tried my hardest each run, but with little progression in terms of speed. When I have tried to run faster for a short while, something always seems to "go"(!) and I end up going slower again!

I read on here about people upping their speed but I just dont seem able to. I have managed two 5Ks so far (44 and 43 mins). I feel as if I have reached my limits in terms of distance and speed and wonder whether by persevering with 5K and building up stamina, this will improve. If it doesn't and I enjoy (!) running, do I need to worry. I feel guilty if Iam not pushing myself but Iam definitely a plodder, or as my grandfather would have said "there are racehorces and there are carthorses ...! I would welcome your thoughts :)

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Hi Holly,

It is hard work building up speed; I am only just getting faster times and I graduated before Christmas last year. I think trying different things each run is helpful. I know you said you try to run faster for a while but something seems to go; I think you are trying to run too much faster. I've done it too, and it's easy to try to up your pace too much when doing that fast interval.

In your three runs a week, try one run when you are really going for it, one run devoted to hill work or intervals (but don't go too hard in the intervals!) and one slightly longer run for endurance. In other days, if you can do some cross training, swimming, weight work in the gym etc...all of these will help you get faster.



Thankyou. Thats very helpful. :)


great question and answer thanks.


I'm about to try Audiofuel to see if I can up the pace a bit. I've gone for just a straight timed session to start with and if I get on with that I shall buy an interval download.

On current showing I would recommend running in really bad weather!


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