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W4R1 - FAIL!

When I completed W3R3 on Thursday I was really looking forward to the W4 challenge.... So off I go this morning, (I'm plodding on a treadmill in my garage) did the first 3 & 5 mins but found that the recovery time wasn't quite sufficient as I was still gasping by the time the second 3 mins rolled round. I still haven't mastered the correct breathing technique which is why I'm gasping. Anyhow I ploughed on and managed that. BUT the last 5 mins beat me. I stopped. I tried walking for a few seconds and starting again but my legs were so heavy. So I just stopped full stop... Am a bit annoyed at myself for not pushing myself a bit more. When would be the best time to attempt it again? Do I give myself a rest day or try again tomorrow??

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I think we need to ban the word FAIL on this forum as you haven't failed. In fact you've achieved more than you did in the previous week so well done! You should always adhere to the rest days as they are there for a purpose so rest up tomorrow and give it another go on Tuesday / Wednesday.

Good luck :)


I didn't manage the full final 5 minutes the first time either! But it gets easier honest, I would do your rest day as normal and carry on as usual :)


can you try using your rest day to practise breathing? I swim a lot so the technique came more easily to me, except that I have to do it breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth when running and the other way when swimming. Remember, push your stomach out when breathing in to drop your diaphragm and expand your lungs and pull your stomach in to squeeze your lungs when breathing out. Your body will grow accustomed to it, but do practise it when you are not running too and also during the walking parts of the programme. Good luck on your next run. :)


I still can't do the nose/mouth thing! I can just about remember to do it when doing tai chi but as for when running, nah, not a chance!

Have a rest day and take it slow, sounds like you might have just gone a bit to fast.

You did great, could you have run for that long 4 weeks ago? Remember how hard running for 60 seconds was? That is how far you have come. Well done you.


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